Talent Matrix - An Effective Tool to Utilize People's Talents

One of the biggest wastes is talent waste. Organizations usually hire people for pre-defined positions and the positions specify job tasks that should be routinely conducted. Leaders/managers monitor and evaluate how well employees perform on those position-related job tasks and rarely care about talents an individual employee possess such as special interests, what he/she is really good at and other unique characterisitcs. A lot of empoyees' strengths and talents have rarely utilized because they are not directly related to their job tasks defined by their job positions. 

A lot of leaders/managers often talk about employee engagement without knowing that aligning job tasks with individual's interest and talent is the most effective way of engagement. One kind of useful tool that can organizatons and leaders/managers realize their people's taletns is talent matrix - that shows each person's special interest, skills and other characteristics. While this sounds like a HR department's responsibility to collect data and to build such a matrix, it requires the top leaer to understand the necessity and importance of talent matrix and employees at all levels to be insterested in themselves and people who closely work with them. After a talent matrix has been available,it is leaders' job to adapt their management systems and approach so that people's talents can be more effetively utilized in the work place.