How to Build a Good Websites - Related Contents

After a reader picked up an article to read, an effective way to encourage him/her to read more at your website is to offer a list of contents that are similar to the one he/she is reading. Fortunately, all modern content management systems are capable to add this kind of list such as "similar posts" or "posts by the same author." You should be able to notice this function at our website. Click here to see.

Join the DPsense Team

DPsense is building an internatioanl collaborative team which will allow us prepare sufficient workforce and, therefore, can improve our capability of pursuing work and projects in the future. All the team members will be able to acess a member-only section at our website. The member-only sectoin will at least contains the followings:

  • Member directory with contact information and resume
  • Project opportunities
  • Collaborative research projects

Click here to know how to join the team. Conact us if you have any questions.

How to Build a Good Websites - Latest and Most Popular

A good website nees to provide guidance that can help readers choose contents to read. One effective way is to provide the following two sections: Latest posts and most popular contents. All of the popular content management systsems, such as Drupal and Wordpress, can easily create the two sections which will be updated automatically. The "latest posts" is a clear indicator how often contents on a website are updated while the "most popular" section shows what the hot topics based on the statistics of how many times each post has been viewed.