Talent Matrix - An Effective Tool to Utilize People's Talents

One of the biggest wastes is talent waste. Organizations usually hire people for pre-defined positions and the positions specify job tasks that should be routinely conducted. Leaders/managers monitor and evaluate how well employees perform on those position-related job tasks and rarely care about talents an individual employee possess such as special interests, what he/she is really good at and other unique characterisitcs. A lot of empoyees' strengths and talents have rarely utilized because they are not directly related to their job tasks defined by their job positions. 

Leadership Potential-Remaining a Mystery to Many

The effectiveness of leadership evaluation/assessment and selection remains undesireable--the main reason is that leadership is a hidden quality and it can be deteted by people who really understand it. Unfortunately, many leadership researchers have spent many years in exploring leadership but have never grasped the essess of leadership. Our research suggests that leadership is mainly determined by a higher-order cognitive abilities--strategic intelligence--an object existing at the meta-level.

Strength and Warmth: Balancing the two to Be a Influential Leader

According to a new leadership book, Compelling People, those effective influential leaders are good at two qualities: strength and warmth. "Strength is your capacity to make things happen with skills and willingness while warmth is the sense that you share the same feelings, interests, and view of the world as the person you’re speaking to."