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One goal of the DPsense Survey System will be to the capability of presenting survey/research data with charts with open-source chart libraries such as Google Charts. Below is an online article that shows how to create google charts from MySQL database:

The goal of this project is to deveop a powerful survey tool mainly with the PHP and MySQL. PHP is one of the most popular web programming languages while MySQL is a type free and powerful database. While there are so many existing well-developed survey tools, the DPsense Survey System will have the following unique features:

  • Users will be easy to create a survey. We plan to allow users to create a survey in multiple ways so that a user can choose a way he/she feels most comfortable. For example, one user might feel more comfortable to create a survey in Excel sheet and then import it the survey sytem while another user could prefer to developing online directly.
  • Survey data can be accessible to a survey administrator in multiple way, such as displaying data online or exporting to Excel.
  • Custom real-time survey results can be presented online in multiple formats, including tables, charts, and reportable results with statistical analysis functions.

One important thing is that we plan to develop the DPsense Survey System more from a researcher's perspective so that it will help streamline research process.   

This project surveyed IFC's gobal investment clients collecting data on multiple topics. The survey was mainly adminstered online while clients could take survey via email or fax. DPsense project team developed the online survey and a reporting web portal which allowed IFC team to monitor real-time survey response rate, individual client's survey completion status and survey data for the non-anoymous section, and tabulated results of survey questions by group variables. Our team also generated an overall report and 10 region/industry reports.