People and Organization Consulting

  • Leadership Development - a key to sustainable success for all organizations.
  • Employee Training - Adapt to the changing horizon with maintaining readiness of workforce.
  • Organizational culture - Create and maintin a positive culture that enhances well-being, creativity, teamwork, and productivity.
  • Organizational and job design - Help an organization better achieve strategic goal through modifying management structure, communcation and decision-making processes, and broadth and work-flow of job tasks.

Workplace Assessment and Survey

  • Leadership assessment - Use robust tool(s) to evaluate effectiveness of leadership skills and to provide feedback for improvement.
  • Personnel selection - Apply theory-based best-practices to help organizations select talents that possess the right skillsets and fit to the organizational culture..
  • Performance evaluation - Offer scientific guidance and training services to ensure managers' adequate knowledge and skills of performance evaluation and management.
  • Client Survey - Develop and implement survey tools to gain deep understanding of clients' loyalty, satisfaction, and need through data collection and analysis.

Database-driven Web Applications

  • People Data Tool (PDT) - PDT is a user-friendly and highly capable tool that can handle both survey and assessment. It is developed by Dr. Shaobang Sun, a technologically-minded industrial/organizaitonal psychologist.
  • Recent survey projects - DPsense helped the International Finance Corporation (IFC) conduct annual global client survey projects from 2008 to 2019.
  • Content management systems (CMS) - DPsense team provides services that help clients develop and manage websites with Drupal or Wordpress to meet their custom needs.

"I have worked with primarily Dr. Shaobang Sun, who is professional, flexible, and knowledgeable. He really understood our needs and the services he provided is so valuable."

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